Chocolate & Ingredients:

The flavour and texture of chocolate varies greatly depending on numerous things such as the bean variety, the country of origin, the process method and the soil it has been grown in and we try to pair the right chocolate to the right ingredients. For example beans from Madagascar tend to have a subtle, fruity taste so we try to pair it with other fruits.

Most of our chocolate comes from the Americas. Beans from this region are much more rare then those coming from mainland Africa (which accounts for over 70% of global production) but most chocolatiers would agree that they will generally have a much more interesting and lasting flavour profile. We buy couverture from a number of Belgian, French and Swiss companies as well as ones based in Madagascar and Colombia, and we predominately use chocolate from beans originating in Costa Rica, Peru, Madagascar, Colombia and Equador.

We buy local wherever we can. Our organic butter and cream comes from Somerset, as does the milk we use in our hot chocolate. The tea we use in our chocolates comes from a supplier in Bath. Even the honey we use comes from the farm down the road. If we can't find it locally we at least try to source from the UK.

We don't use artificial flavourings or preservatives in our chocolates so everything is fresh. As such, the chocolates should be eaten within 3-4 weeks of purchase. The bars will have a longer shelf life depending on the ingredients in them. Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dark place (preferably not the refridgerator) and away from strong smells.

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