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Working in a converted stable building in a village a couple of miles from the centre of Bath, Seven Hills chocolate was founded with the aim of providing people with a higher quality of chocolate than they may have been used to. Numerous trips to the wonderful chocolate shops of Belgium and France convinced head chocolatier Nick Shearn that there were few opportunities for people to buy fresh, hand made chocolates in the UK using superior couvertures.

More and more people are bored with low grade, cheap chocolates packed with artificial flavourings and preservatives common in supermarkets and on the high street. Instead, there is a growing interest in experiencing the taste of high quality, gourmet chocolate bars and freshly made chocolates. A hobby in the kitchen quickly morphed into a passion and then just as quickly into a business. All of our products are made on site, in small batches. The bars are hand moulded then foiled and wrapped by hand.

The fresh chocolates are made where applicable with local organic butter and cream, again all by hand, in small batches. Within our range we make some established firm favourites but are always looking to make full use of chocolate's amazing versatility and so we regularly experiment and pair different chocolate with different ingredients. Most work well (though a decent garlic chocolate still eludes us!) As such there is a constantly revolving range of fresh chocolates available.

As to why we're called Seven Hills- well, we wanted a name that meant something locally; that established us as a company born and raised in the West Country. It's said that when the Romans first came to Bath they soon felt homesick when they saw the seven hills surrounding Bath and that they longed for home (though they stayed and enjoyed Bath for 300 years!)

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